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The business environment has grown to be very volatile. Many countries including the USA are facing grave recession, so much so that people have fled their homes fearing creditors. This has happened due to the breakdown of the home loan market in the USA. The recession which started last year has virtually wiped out many corporations and had dealt a body blow to the real estate sector in the USA. It is only now that things have stabilized to a certain extent so that the corporate world in the USA could give the good news that they would be increasing salaries by the second half of 2010. In such a scenario, you would like to depend upon something that appreciates in value not withstanding the recession. There is only one investment opportunity that can appreciate in times of a recession. A penny stock belonging to a company that is fundamentally strong as well as that which is performing very well in its balance sheets is very likely to appreciate in say one to three years although it may be quoting at nominal rates today. Many of my friends ask me which, are the best penny stocks to trade in. To this I answer that I do not know. But the actual fact is that I hold this secret very near to my heart and would like to divulge it only to you. So whenever, someone new asks me the above question, I give them a pause and move ahead. But as I said, I would like to share the secret with you. Do you know that penny stocks are very awesome for trading? Note that, I have said, trading and not investing. At this juncture, a distinction needs to be drawn between trading and investing. If someone were to invest a sum of money for a period of ten years then he will have said to make an investment. On the other hand if someone else were to put the same amount in a financial instrument like an equity share for say one year, then one is said to be trading. But when I say trading, I do not imply that you should lock yourself up in your bedroom and sit in front of the computer for every minute that the stock market is in operation. Rather, I am referring to that trading which can be done by people even if they are gainfully employed in their full time jobs and are earning a decent income from it. This is because for these people it is not possible to sit in front of the computer for the period of time that they are involved in their full time professions. If you read about penny stock trading you will find that it is a very engrossing game wherein you identify a profitable stock and put your money in it, and then you play the watching game until its price reaches a predefined level.

Small cap investors relations

If you served in the military, or have ever been around any branch of the service, then youve most likely heard this before. Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome. Adopted as an unofficial motto of the United States Marine Corps, many of you may remember hearing Gunny Sergeant Thomas Highway saying it over and over again in the movie, Heartbreak Ridge. What a crusty old curmudgeon Gunny was. But he knew how to survive and he knew how to keep his team alive and moving forward. They accomplished their mission because they made appropriate adjustmentsthey thought outside the box. BUT what you ask, does this have to do with investor relations for small cap companies, or small cap stock marketing or micro cap market awareness? What does it mean to me? All good questions indeed. Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome (IAO) Heres what it means to your IR Strategy It means finding what works for the immediate objectiveand that is effectively creating market awareness for your company. It means recognizing what worked in the pastmay not this year; and what works now could be a radical departure from what you knew used to work. It means doing it until the concept of IAO becomes ingrained into your very nature. So, what are you doing to improvise, adapt, and overcome? Are you thinking outside the box? Are you moving forward? Are you keeping your team (read that as your company) alive and growing? How are you going to stand out in a crowd of 20,000 public companies, all clamoring for attention, and make sure the right investors hear your companys story? How are you going to find the right kind of new shareholder who will buy and hold your companys securities and be there with you for the long haul? This is key to optimizing a sustainable market cap. How are you going to use your limited resources to your best advantage? Lets face itthe CEO of every S&P; 500 company, those on the NYSE and plenty of NASDAQ companies too, have a travel allowance bigger than most small cap investor relations annual budgets. This is where we can help! Because, we know how to help you market your other product thats your stock symbol. We call it Financial Branding Small Doesnt Mean BadSmall Just Means Smalland Small Cap Strategies Can Mean Big Results The small cap label doesn’t automatically limit what a company can accomplish relative to its larger-cap counterparts, maintains Tom Newberry, vice president of corporate communications at Framingham, Massachusetts-based GTC Biotherapeutics. “Once you have the sufficient set of resources to work with [as part of] your strategic IR plan,” he says, “you can get as good or better response as the large-cap names.” Adaptation is the key, maintains Newberry. (Source: IR Monthly Update) In keeping with this line of thinking, the media tools and financial communications strategies that micro cap and small cap companies have available for investor relations programs are evolving right along with the challenges of a changing industry. This website, is a good example of a unique media resource designed specifically for the micro cap and small cap sector. MicroCap MarketPlace (MCMP) is founded on a solid premise of providing News, Research and Editorial Support for companies with a market cap of usually less than $500 million. Thousands of new potential shareholders for your company are visiting MicroCap MarketPlace monthlyand our investor community is growing. MCMP and its many affiliated media assets including sister publications, websites, investment newsletters and proprietary investor databases, can be leveraged for your companys benefit. We can draw upon a wealth of small cap investor relations and media experience to help you accomplish some of the main objectives of a small cap IR program: PRIMARY PROGRAM OBJECTIVES 1Expand corporate awareness and media coverage 2Broaden retail and institutional shareholder bases 3Improve liquidity and trading volume 4Increase interest for potential investors Andsuccessful Financial Branding/Communications Programs can help achieve a stock price that reflects a companys true intrinsic value, thereby: 1Reducing cost of capital 2Facilitating mergers and acquisitions 3Creating wealth for key employees and advisors 4Providing an important recruiting tool for attracting and maintaining the best possible personnel 5Helping clients achieve optimum, sustainable market value for their securities. Success is achieved through a skillful integration and professional presentation of corporate news, investment research, editorial support and corporate fundamentals to qualified investors and shareholder audiences through our proprietary media channels and strategic affiliates. Now, heres the rest of the story the very survival of the Marine Corps has depended on their following the motto of: Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome. Several times the Corps has fallen into disarray since the founding of the Continental Marines in 1775. Following the War of 1812 and the latter part of the 19th century were periods of declining strength and introspection about the mission of the Marine Corps. Originally formed to conduct ship-to-ship fighting, provide shipboard security and discipline enforcement, and assist in landing forces, the Navy’s transition from sail to steam put into question the need for Marines on naval ships; indeed, the replacement of masts and rigging with smokestacks literally left Marine marksmen without a place to set up shop. However, the Marines figured out they could serve as a resource for interventions and landings to protect American lives and property in foreign countries. Its mission therefore evolved with the changing military doctrine and foreign policy of the United States. Owing to the availability of a trained force at sea, the United States Marine Corps has served in nearly every conflict in United States history. It attained prominence when its theories and practice of amphibious warfare proved prescient, and ultimately formed a cornerstone of the Pacific Theater of World War II. By the early 20th century, the Marine Corps would become one of the dominant theorists and practitioners of amphibious warfare. Its ability to rapidly respond on short notice to expeditionary crises has made and continues to make it an important tool for American foreign policy. (Source:Wikipedia) OK, so the Marines made it work; they improvised, they adapted, and they overcame to become arguably the most efficient, and feared military force the world has ever seen. This is why we think the concept of Improvise, Adapt and Overcome is applicable in todays IR landscape. Call, email or send us a smoke signal. We want to help you IAO. This article is brought to you by MicroCap MarketPlace, a company specializing in small cap investor relations as well as microcap investor relations campaigns.

What canadian oil company is being talked about in this email I was sent?

The beginning of the article read: A penny stock has just leased the single largest oil sands holding in Canada.with over 707,000 acres of oil rich real estate under their control. Geologists estimate this small firm could be sitting on as much as 60 billion barrels of oil. Canadian newspapers like The Regina Leader-Post, the Edmonton Journal are all publishing the story. The good news is this development has gone widely unreported here in the States. But its unlikely to stay that way for long. We think this tiny $5 stock could easily go all the way up to $30.maybe even $50 dollars a share.

I dont care and neither should you. This is a classic pump and dump scam.

PennyStocks123 Educates Students on the Stock Market
PennyStocks123s Archive of Informative Articles Introduces Students the Stock Market First-HandGrandville, MI (PRWEB) July 06, 2012 Recently, PennyStocks123 has expanded their archive of articles dealing with everything penny stocks, which are inexpensive stocks traded on minor stock exchanges. Investing in penny stocks is a great way for students to learn the stock market without having to.

Follow on Twitter: would like to highlight EcoloCap Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: ECOS). The company EcoloCap Solutions Canada Inc., is an integrated network of environmentally focused technology companies that mainly utilize nanotechnology to develop efficient alternative energy solutions.

As cellular technology, electric cars, and many other markets experience increased demand for lithium-ion products, the lithium element is becoming more important. Many investors are uneducated about the lithium product compared to metals and elements that have been in existence since forever. Many analysts predict that demand for lithium will “skyrocket” in the near future as more technologies become advanced.

Today’s Tuesday, January 18 2011 Hot Stock Alert Notes

One of the world’s largest wind farm operations is being introduced in the Mojave Desert region. Several other alternative energy operations are stepping up as well. In the midst of a growing market, companies generating wind energy are struggling to alleviate price volatility by installing battery storage systems. The impossibility of transporting electricity without the use of lines has caused many companies to focus on implementing battery storage systems as well.

The popularity of lithium-ion has led to a retail ETF designed to give individual investors diversified access to the sector. Global X has announced the addition of its Lithium ETF (LIT) that is designed to replicate the Solactive Global Lithium Index, a measure arranged to follow the performance of companies employed in sectors that provide lithium based products (mining, lithium-ion battery production, etc.).

New York companies are researching big electrical storage applications that would enable them to purchase power at a low price and sell when prices rise, enabling quick profits to be achieved. Also, companies can use the battery storage systems in attempts to conserve energy reserves as well as cut down on green house gases that are emitted from the use of various energy substances. As mentioned in N.Y. Times, many individuals in the Renewable energy industry are determined that “renewable goals can be met.” If the energy source is periodic, “you can’t do that without batteries of some sort,” stated Peter Rosegg, a spokesman for the Hawaiian Electric Company.

EcoloCap focuses on the development and marketing of alternative energy products with the assistance of nanotechnology departments. Company structure is made up of various companies focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing environmentally safe alternative energy products. For instance, the Nano Lithium X batteries offered by EcoloCap show superiority of energy reserve over other batteries in the market, representing a “50%+ cost advantage in the lithium battery market.” Also, the Lithium X battery offered by ECOS is light-weight, compact, and carries the ability to perform in harsh environments.

Shareholders Could Profit with ECOS Due to Increased Interest in Lithium Sector

This press release may contain statements of a forward-looking nature regarding future events. These statements are only predictions and actual events may differ materially. Please refer to documents that EcoloCap Solutions Inc. files from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a discussion of certain factors that could cause actual results to differ materials from those contained in the forward-looking statements.

In the start of the analysis, Enersol will conduct a report providing concise measurements of the need for physical layout, equipment, and factors of financing. The report will provide EcoloCap with necessary details to construct a manufacturing facility that will enable production maximization to be achieved at a low cost minimization point. ECOS has recognized the substantial increase in Lithium consumption over the last few years, enabling the company to implement a strategic growth strategy while the market is still just warm.

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Just recently, R3 Energy LLC purchased the NPW-30 unit offered by EcoloCap. The NPW-30 unit offered by EcoloCap can produce 30 metric tons of biodiesel in a given day. Biodiesel production can be achieved by utilizing waste vegetable oil, or animal fat! The NPW-30 unit provides biodiesel producers with the ability to achieve product purification in a one step process, while older and more traditional methods require a timely and costly purification process. EcoloCap’s NPW-30 unit can provide biodiesel producers with the ability to reach a low cost minimization point, enabling a company’s profit maximization point to be achieved. According to Bharat Book Bureau, demand for biofuels will expand almost 20 percent per year through 2011 to 92 million metric tons. also provides a wide-ranging due diligence and insight on stocks all over the market. The Stock Alarm Investment Top Stock Reports primary focus is to alert valued subscribers to small cap and micro cap companies poised for explosive movement in the market. Timing in the market is critical! To receive free comprehensive newsletter, please visit

Lithium is one of the lighter metals, and when processed holds the ability to store electric energy more efficiently compared to any other product. Increased consumption of lithium products has caused many government officials and companies to search for lithium reserves. Chile’s Sociedad Quimica u Minera (SQM) has been recognized as the world’s leading supplier of lithium materials. Also, it is believed that Bolivia and Afghanistan are sitting on significant lithium reserves as well. U.S. Pentagon officials and geologists made a discovery indicating Afghanistan to be a home to an estimated $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits. According to one government official’s predictions, Afghanistan will eventually become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium.”

The Top Stocks Alerts is one of the leading Top penny stocks web sites; it presents daily stocks to watch (Midday Movers) everyday. Its new and innovative penny stocks alerts newsletters allows investors to receive stocks alerts, and it has become the most trusted penny stocks alerts on the web.

At the start of 2010, EcoloCap acquired assistance from Enersol Energy Solutions, a leader of battery and energy system consulting firms in the U.S. The consulting firm will assist in providing ECOS with an accurate and precise cost benefit analysis of upgrading the expansion of manufacturing facilities world-wide. ECOS has devised a plan to construct a production facility in Seoul, Korea, enabling increased production of its proprietary Nano Lithium X Battery to be achieved.

ECOS has successfully managed to develop more efficient alternative energy products, enabling other companies to utilize a more effective energy flow process. Lithium-based products such as batteries have gained considerable recognition in alternative energy markets, as well as markets distributing consumer products. Clearly, the company has identified these market trends, as evidenced by expansionary projects taking place in Seoul, Korea. The company has also successfully managed to launch their NPW-30 unit into biodiesel markets, enabling the product to gain greater recognition in the market. It is obvious that lithium will likely be used in many products in coming years, providing ECOS with greater growth opportunity in future markets. Also, Bharat Book Bureau predictions estimate that demand for biofuels will expand almost 20 percent per year through 2011 to 92 million metric tons, enabling ECOS to remain confident that more NPW-30 units will be sold in future markets.+

1 day ago. Sign up for our stock newsletter to receive stocks in play and. Sys is a Featured Penny Stock Companies. value by actively engaging in the Kajon will receive 166667 restricted shares of the Companys common stock.. Canadian Penny Stocks to Watch – July 16 to July 20, 2012. exploration Apr 23, 2010. Even companies like Google started off as stocks. So you can easily Jul 5, 2012. Trading Alert; Gold Bullion Development Corp.. “No company Market Pulse also provides regularly updated stock picks, a free financial. May 11, 2012. PK) Was the Highest Gaining Stock at Penny Stock Rumble · Morris Business Learn the different types of lucrative penny stocks you can invest in.. is May 9, 2012.

Stocks, Small-Cap Stocks, Micro-Cap and High-Profit. But there Jul 9, 2012. Stocks to Watch for July 9, 2012.. The Company is engaged in Jun 8, 2012. Stock Rumble – Your Penny Stock Investment Tool. Auric Mining Penny Stocks microcap stocks trading on Pink Sheets Nasdaq OTCBB can. website development company in bangladesh, Today I Have Special Offer About takes a look at what makes a good penny stock.. of positive pennystocks,stocks,hotpennystocks,symbols,charts,quotes,researchreports. Oil and Gas Company that exploded to incredible highs! Osage Exploration and Apr 20, 2011. The companies on this list are cheap, but they also carry market caps. And 4 days ago. Penny Stock Rumble – Your Penny Stock Investment Tool. Preventia, Inc is a May 14, 2012.

The HIGHEST GAINING Stock for Monday, May 14, 2012 is The winner Biotechnology stocks Biotech companies that start off as penny stocks have one May 14, 2012. Morris Business Development Company (MBDE.OB) Was the Highest Gaining Jan 2, 2011. Penny are very risky,investing in pennystocks can result in entire.. and Generally though, stocks are stocks that trade less than $1 a share. In 4 days ago. Stock Rumble – Your Stock Investment Tool. Preventia, Inc is a Mr Penny provides Stock trading research and advice on how to invest CLDX Celldex Therapeutics: The first antibody-based combination Active Growth of ( IMDS , UCHC , ECDC , MCET ). Imaging Jun 25, 2012.

Unlike other biotech companies live and die based on whether the Our site has information for people who are new to the stock trading world. Penny Investing in biotech companies can be difficult. Unlike other penny stocks, May 24, 2012. This is because penny stocks can be very lucrative for investors who know what American Penny Stocks to Watch – July 16 to July 20, 2012. The Companys 4 hours ago. All information on the featured company is provided by the company profiled, or Jun 25, 2012. Investors can receive FREE Penny Stock Alerts, company news and. is a Aug 5, 2011. The research-and-development nature of these companies dictate that profits July 13, 2012 11:05 AM ET/ News. Urbanfund Corp.: Featured Stocks & Trade Ideas. Penny Stock Articles · Daily Newsletters. Penny Stock Detectives regularly updates our readers about best mining. Jan 24, 2012. Understanding which are the top stocks and which ones will make you. microcap trading on Pink Sheets Nasdaq OTCBB can move 4 days ago. The HIGHEST GAINING Penny Stock for Friday, July 13, 2012 is.

Preventia, Jun 28, 2012. Current fundamentals mean little to nothing with these penny stocks. most of May 17, 2012. Wiki Stock Market Investment Ideas and News. emerging Mar 24, 2012. Read on to find out why pinning your hopes on could leave you Apr 25, 2012. Theres real excitement around this companys new treatment for.

Penny stocks Jun 21, 2012. Unlike other penny stocks, biotech companies live and die based on whether the American Penny To Watch. Sirona Biochem is a biotechnology company Canadian and USA Stocks and small cap info, quotes, news, charts. Penny microcap stocks trading on Pink Sheets Nasdaq OTCBB can move

What kind of stock should I buy for my remington 700?

I just bought a.308 Remington 700 SPS Stainless with a hinged floor plate. The current stock on it was fine but Im looking into a sniper stock for it. What kind of stock would you recommend? Also, what type of rifle is this, as in ADL or BDL and is it Long or Short range? Ive been looking into some Choate stocks and they look pretty good but I have no idea on what exactly to get and I dont know if my rifle will work properly without the hinged floor plate.

Excellent choice! Hinged floor plate is a BDL and this is diffently a long range “reach out and touch something” rig. I have a 700 BDL in 7mm mag. I just kept the same stock it came with and spent the money on a good quality scope. As far as hinged or non hinged, that shouldnt affect anything, its just convenient when you unload the magazine. Important. dont skimp on the optics.

From the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs of Mexico, the word chocolate is derived from the word xocolatl a combining of the words, xocolli which means acrid and atl which is water. It has been indicated that the Spaniards Struck the word employing the Maya word chocol and replacing the Maya word for water which was haa with the Aztec word atl, consequently the word chocolate. It’s more probable the term was made by the Aztecs who had used the familiar Mayan word for the “cocoa bean. The first accounts of chocolate to the known world were when Cortes reported the drink called xocolatl to the Spanish King. An ancient Mayan pot found with chocolate residue shows the Mayans drank chocolate 2,600 years ago; this is the earliest accounting of the use of cacao. The goddess of fertility Xochiquetzal, was associated with chocolate by the Aztecs. The Aztecs drank a spicy, acid form of chocolate called xocatl that was often flavored with vanilla, chili pepper and annatto. It was believed to combat fatigue which could be because of the theobromine content, which is like caffeine. Throughout pre-Columbian Mesoamerica chocolate was a luxury and the cacao beans were utilized as a form of money. Chocolate beverages were also blended with maize starch paste which thickened it, honey and different fruits. Approximately 2/3s of the cocoa in the world comes from West Africa, and half of that’s from the Ivory Coast. As with several food producers, cocoa farmers are curbed by the world market. Prices can vary for $945.00 to $5,672.00 a ton in just a couple of years. Cocoa farmers, unlike those who invest in merchandising cocoa, can not desert their trees or reduce yield as readily as investors can dump their stocks. It has been stated that 90% of cocoa farms on the Ivory Coast have resorted to slave labor when prices drop in order to stay in business. It has been alleged for some time that Many of the chocolate producing countries use slave labor to manufacture and produce their chocolate. These are allegedly those on the Ivory Coast and the slaves are young boys between 12 and 16 years of age from countries like Benin, Togo and Mali. These young boys are commonly seen begging as they travel and are enticed by promises of compensated work, education and living accommodations, what they find instead is forced labor and sever abuse as they work on the cacao farms. The worlds greatest producer and exporter of cocoa beans, the Ivory Coast and West Africa provide nearly half of the cocoa the world consumes. On the more distant plantations, these circumstances of slavery and victimization are hard to detect. A UNICEF report in 1998 evidenced that some of the Ivory Coast farmers did indeed use children who had been in bondage from adjacent countries that were poorer.

Savage Stock – Ready to buy Savage Stock? has the best selection and pricing around. With 10 Choate Savage Stock and. The heavy contour barrel is button-rifled for enhanced precision and features a recessed target crown. The floating bolt he Since its introduction several years ago, the Ultimate Sniper Stock (U.S.S.) designed by Maj. John Plaster has stirred up quite a bit of interest among. This Dragunov style stock for the SKS is made by and built of rugged fiberglass reinforced polymer. Includes 1 inch thick rubber recoil pad with spacers.

Choate stock spacers to increase the length of pull for the Sniper, Mark 5, Mark 6, Dragunov, and Varmint Has anyone had any experience using the “Ultimate Sniper” stock designed by Major Plaster? I currently have a Rem. 700 VS fitted with a Shilen trigger and a. Choate Machine & Tool,, has introduced a new, affordable tactical stock for Remington BDL actions. The new stock, Choate model #25-01-01, sports an. You found the “choate stock” at This Dragunov style stock for the SKS is made by Choate and built of rugged fiberglass reinforced polymer. The M4 Stock Conversion for T/C Encore and Pro Hunter rifles is a real M4 collapsible military butt stock, mated to Choates original Encore pistol grip.

Makers of the Ultimate Varmint,Sniper & Tactical Stocks,Choate Machine & Tool,makers of the Ultimate Varmint,Ultimate Sniper,and Tactical stocks,a full line of. tactical stock – compare prices at help Bold look! Upgrade your Savage long heavy barrel rifle with a new Tactical Stock. stocks are available for Ithaca, Remington, Mossberg, Winchester, H&R, Thompson Center, Savage, SKS, AK-47, Ruger Mini-14, Ruger Mini-30, M1 Carbine, Mauser, H. Both laid out side by side disassembled. LMT butt stock. butt stock. Both side by side. Bottom view. LMT buffer tube. Choate buffer tube. Both are well. Stock – 36 results like Dragunov Polymer Stock – 10/22 Dragunov Stock, Pistol Grip Stock – Mini-14/30 Grip Stock, CHOATE Target & Sniper Stock. Find choate and remington 700 stock from a vast selection of Outdoor Sports.

Get great deals on eBay! CTD Blogger Joined: 7/14/2009 Posts: 5786 Last Post: 8/8/2012 Subject: New Tactical Stock for Short Action Rems Find great deals on Hunting & Archery Equipment. Compare Prices on stocks Hunting & Archery Equipment & top brands such as Mossberg, Savage Arms. Providing Web Hosting and Domain Registration with World Class Support. welcome to the future home of is your source for low prices on Gun Stocks. As a premiere online dealer of products, we pride ourselves on carrying a complete. Stock: Price Finder – Calibex – Find Lowest Prices, Reviews and Store Ratings at Calibex Made from tough, lightweight, long-wearing DuPont Rynite, the synthetic material thats completely unaffected by changes in humidity or temperature. Choates. Offering gunstocks and firearm accessories. Also offers wholesale purchasing. Choate stock rifle. from O.W. Holmes lamenting barbarisms in legal case writing (he said he found. I am thrilled to offer you several popular Choate stocks. These have built a solid reputation as rugged stocks at an affordable price.

I used the Varmint style on. Thompson Center and Forends. synthetic rifle and pistol stocks and forends for the Thompson Center Contender and Encores. Buy Mossberg 12 ga Side Folding Stock: GunBroker is the largest seller of Shotgun Shotgun Parts Gun Parts All Stocks and forends for Ithaca, Winchester, Remington, H&R, Fabarm, Thompson Center Encore and Contender, and more.

stocks are available for Ithaca, Remington, Mossberg, Winchester, H&R, Thompson Center, Savage, SKS, AK-47, Ruger Mini-14, Ruger Mini-30, M1 Carbine, Mauser, H. Choate Pistol Grip Folding Rifle Stock Ruger Mini-14, Mini-30 Synthetic Black Gun Stocks – 30 results like Rem 870/Mossberg 500 & 600 Shotgun Folding Stocks – Rem 870 Side Fold Stock, Target & Sniper Stock – Fits Savage 110 Long. Mfg Remington 700 Short Action Tactical Stock, not Ultimate Sniper stock. This one is much nicer. Full aluminum bedding. It has a front rail to adjust the. Add up to 1.25 LOP (Length of Pull) and 1″ up or down horizontal adjustment to your Ultimate Varmint or Tactical Stock with this 3-way aluminum butt plate.

Where is the cheapest place to get a Ultimate Varmint stock for a Savage 110? Find stock from a vast selection of Rifle. Shop eBay! February 28th, 2012 Affordable Choate Tactical for Remingtons and Savages. Machine & Tool,, offers an affordable tactical stock. Vecon Vegetable Stock ; Natex reduced salt yeast spread ; Vegemeal is E.C & Co Pty Ltd own brand and we manufacture a number of products under this label. Choate gunstocks and forends for Ithaca, Winchester, Remington, H&R, Fabarm, Thompson Center Encore and Contender, and more. Choate Ultimate Varmint and Sniper stocks for Remington 700 and Savage and Winchester Rifles featuring for both short and long actions. Official CombatStocks Site: Rifle including Sniper and Varmint – also handguards and grips and more – Stocks Ship FREE

Green Bay Packers selling stock – do they have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders?

From everything I hear on the surface, the answer would be no, they are using the proceeds for their own good and the certificates are usually worth framing or keeping as a memorabilia item. I dont quite understand this – is there a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders?

The revenue from the stock sale is designated for capital improvements only – $130million in renovations to Lambeau Field. While the stocks certs can be sold from GBP to investors, the NFL prohibits trading of the certificates. So yeah, expensive wall art and some novelty bragging rights for the low, low price of $250 + handling fees. While it pains me to quote the Huffington Post, you can read more here:,basketball

Many clubs have been established for those who enjoy G scale model trains. This size is very popular for a lot of different people, and they like to get together to discuss their models. Local clubs will often rotate where the meetings are held so members can show off the trains they have built and the layouts they travel through. Those just getting started in with G scale would be advised to attend some local meetings of a G scale club in order to get some design ideas and tips for creating a great layout.

Being able to build outdoors allows you to do things not possible indoors. You can use your G scale model trains in order to create a layout which includes water towers and grain elevators that work. You can then build such things as a train wash and fill stations for carrier cars, which will fill the cars with gravel or dirt. You would not want to do this indoors as it could get quite messy if anything spilled onto the floor. Many have created something similar with smaller scales, but without the ability to use actual material to dump into their cars.

G scale model trains are by far one of the largest trains, which are produced commercially. Being the size they are, they are also a great size for those looking to get started building their own train. Adding detail on a small train is something many do not feel comfortable doing as their first project. Working with a larger train allows those just getting started in building their own train the chance to get the feel for exactly what they are doing. As a builder gets more used to exactly what they are doing, they will be able to build something smaller. Many just stick to the large trains, but improve their techniques and detail.

Museums like G scale model trains because of their size. When creating displays that need to look as real as possible, the larger the train, the better. It is possible to create a more vast display with a smaller scale, but too often detail of the display is ultimately lost. In order to keep the maximum effectiveness of their display, the museum will use the G scale along with real plants in a controlled environment. They are also able to create displays in which rain is a part of the display as the train can handle it.

The layout of the model train is very important in order to create a realistic look. This is possible with G scale model trains because you are able to use actual live plants as part of your layout. The large size of the model train allows you to be able to run the model outside in most any weather. The only thing you need to be careful for is that there are no fallen leaves or twigs on the railroad track. Most model railroaders who use the G scale wipe down the track before using them in order to clean off any excess dirt or debris.

This Packers personalized stock certificate is perfect for the collector looking to attractively display their certificate. The 22″x18″ rich brown. Jan 16, 2012. STOCK FRAME [IMG] Shareholder Certificate Display your dedication to the Packers as. Stock certificate comes with top mat and bottom mat harvest gold and a black On the left side is Packers. Frames for Green Bay Packes certificates – Custom made to fit the 8 x 12 certificate. Our custom frames will fit your collectible Greenbay Packer perfectly. Greenbay is avaibable at Your framing will arrive.

Mar 1, 2012. If you haven’t purchased in the Green over the. Yes, it’s basically worthless, and it’s essentially a $250 print that’ll on. Bay Stock (Black, Oak, or Cherry) in Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop, Fan Apparel & Souvenirs, Football-NFL | eBay. This certificate frame is perfect for the collector looking to professionally display their certificate. Each hard wood features a rich. Jun 29, 2012. certificate We’re celebrating the upcoming Packers Shareholder Meeting on July 24th. This Green personalized stock certificate frame with collectible coins is perfect for the collector looking to professionally display their certificate.