What canadian oil company is being talked about in this email I was sent?

The beginning of the article read: A penny stock has just leased the single largest oil sands holding in Canada.with over 707,000 acres of oil rich real estate under their control. Geologists estimate this small firm could be sitting on as much as 60 billion barrels of oil. Canadian newspapers like The Regina Leader-Post, the Edmonton Journal are all publishing the story. The good news is this development has gone widely unreported here in the States. But its unlikely to stay that way for long. We think this tiny $5 stock could easily go all the way up to $30.maybe even $50 dollars a share.

I dont care and neither should you. This is a classic pump and dump scam.

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PennyStockExchange.net would like to highlight EcoloCap Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: ECOS). The company EcoloCap Solutions Canada Inc., is an integrated network of environmentally focused technology companies that mainly utilize nanotechnology to develop efficient alternative energy solutions.

As cellular technology, electric cars, and many other markets experience increased demand for lithium-ion products, the lithium element is becoming more important. Many investors are uneducated about the lithium product compared to metals and elements that have been in existence since forever. Many analysts predict that demand for lithium will “skyrocket” in the near future as more technologies become advanced.

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One of the world’s largest wind farm operations is being introduced in the Mojave Desert region. Several other alternative energy operations are stepping up as well. In the midst of a growing market, companies generating wind energy are struggling to alleviate price volatility by installing battery storage systems. The impossibility of transporting electricity without the use of lines has caused many companies to focus on implementing battery storage systems as well.

The popularity of lithium-ion has led to a retail ETF designed to give individual investors diversified access to the sector. Global X has announced the addition of its Lithium ETF (LIT) that is designed to replicate the Solactive Global Lithium Index, a measure arranged to follow the performance of companies employed in sectors that provide lithium based products (mining, lithium-ion battery production, etc.).

New York companies are researching big electrical storage applications that would enable them to purchase power at a low price and sell when prices rise, enabling quick profits to be achieved. Also, companies can use the battery storage systems in attempts to conserve energy reserves as well as cut down on green house gases that are emitted from the use of various energy substances. As mentioned in N.Y. Times, many individuals in the Renewable energy industry are determined that “renewable goals can be met.” If the energy source is periodic, “you can’t do that without batteries of some sort,” stated Peter Rosegg, a spokesman for the Hawaiian Electric Company.

EcoloCap focuses on the development and marketing of alternative energy products with the assistance of nanotechnology departments. Company structure is made up of various companies focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing environmentally safe alternative energy products. For instance, the Nano Lithium X batteries offered by EcoloCap show superiority of energy reserve over other batteries in the market, representing a “50%+ cost advantage in the lithium battery market.” Also, the Lithium X battery offered by ECOS is light-weight, compact, and carries the ability to perform in harsh environments.

Shareholders Could Profit with ECOS Due to Increased Interest in Lithium Sector

This press release may contain statements of a forward-looking nature regarding future events. These statements are only predictions and actual events may differ materially. Please refer to documents that EcoloCap Solutions Inc. files from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a discussion of certain factors that could cause actual results to differ materials from those contained in the forward-looking statements.

In the start of the analysis, Enersol will conduct a report providing concise measurements of the need for physical layout, equipment, and factors of financing. The report will provide EcoloCap with necessary details to construct a manufacturing facility that will enable production maximization to be achieved at a low cost minimization point. ECOS has recognized the substantial increase in Lithium consumption over the last few years, enabling the company to implement a strategic growth strategy while the market is still just warm.

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Just recently, R3 Energy LLC purchased the NPW-30 unit offered by EcoloCap. The NPW-30 unit offered by EcoloCap can produce 30 metric tons of biodiesel in a given day. Biodiesel production can be achieved by utilizing waste vegetable oil, or animal fat! The NPW-30 unit provides biodiesel producers with the ability to achieve product purification in a one step process, while older and more traditional methods require a timely and costly purification process. EcoloCap’s NPW-30 unit can provide biodiesel producers with the ability to reach a low cost minimization point, enabling a company’s profit maximization point to be achieved. According to Bharat Book Bureau, demand for biofuels will expand almost 20 percent per year through 2011 to 92 million metric tons.

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Lithium is one of the lighter metals, and when processed holds the ability to store electric energy more efficiently compared to any other product. Increased consumption of lithium products has caused many government officials and companies to search for lithium reserves. Chile’s Sociedad Quimica u Minera (SQM) has been recognized as the world’s leading supplier of lithium materials. Also, it is believed that Bolivia and Afghanistan are sitting on significant lithium reserves as well. U.S. Pentagon officials and geologists made a discovery indicating Afghanistan to be a home to an estimated $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits. According to one government official’s predictions, Afghanistan will eventually become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium.”

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At the start of 2010, EcoloCap acquired assistance from Enersol Energy Solutions, a leader of battery and energy system consulting firms in the U.S. The consulting firm will assist in providing ECOS with an accurate and precise cost benefit analysis of upgrading the expansion of manufacturing facilities world-wide. ECOS has devised a plan to construct a production facility in Seoul, Korea, enabling increased production of its proprietary Nano Lithium X Battery to be achieved.

ECOS has successfully managed to develop more efficient alternative energy products, enabling other companies to utilize a more effective energy flow process. Lithium-based products such as batteries have gained considerable recognition in alternative energy markets, as well as markets distributing consumer products. Clearly, the company has identified these market trends, as evidenced by expansionary projects taking place in Seoul, Korea. The company has also successfully managed to launch their NPW-30 unit into biodiesel markets, enabling the product to gain greater recognition in the market. It is obvious that lithium will likely be used in many products in coming years, providing ECOS with greater growth opportunity in future markets. Also, Bharat Book Bureau predictions estimate that demand for biofuels will expand almost 20 percent per year through 2011 to 92 million metric tons, enabling ECOS to remain confident that more NPW-30 units will be sold in future markets.+

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